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Thank you Jan, for the wonderful idea of inviting artists to add a little to your blogsite. A great idea and I’m sure it will prove a successful one!

To introduce myself, I’m a Mixed Media Artist who grew up in New Zealand, and I’ve spent most of my adult life in Sydney. My adventures began when, to celebrate a milestone birthday, I ventured off to France for 3 months to spend the winter painting. It was during my stay in Frayssinet le Gelat that I met Jan and Phillipe and fell madly in love with the Lot and French life! Little did I know these adventures would put me en route to a whole new life in Europe.

After more forays to France, which I’d convinced myself were necessary to get ‘it’ out of my system, I met my new partner and soon found myself living in the Languedoc and immersing myself in real French life, including early morning visits to the boulangerie at -5oC.

Then after 3 years, a new chapter opened, and we decided to move to Greece for some months of the year, and I now live in the beautiful Peloponnese region of Greece where I paint, sketch and teach acrylic painting. As I was in France, I’m totally inspired by what I see in my in daily life here and always itching to get it onto canvas. I’m often asked whether I prefer Greece to France, but it’s just not possible to compare them - both are wonderful and have their pros and cons, and so much to offer visually!

As an artist being fortunate enough to live and travel in Europe, I’m aware of the priceless opportunities I have to capture the changing landscapes and seasons of various parts of Europe. I love the diverse beauty of France and Italy with their unique landscapes, hilltop villages, medieval towns, and coastal areas of colourful villages, to the islands and whitewashed villages of Greece with its brilliant blue seas and skies.

I mostly work in acrylic and ink, and sketch in watercolour and love to concentrate on colour and texture. I also enjoy creating collage using monoprints of my sketches. As you can probably tell by my paintings, I am passionate about colour.

I’m currently participating in a 100 Painting Challenge, in which I’m experimenting with all the art materials I have stashed away and never used. They are only small paintings, but its great fun to have an excuse to try all the techniques I’ve always wanted to. Who knows where it may lead.

Of course my visits to Australia and New Zealand are very special times for me to spend time with my family and friends, and I often have exhibitions there, as well as manage to travel to different parts of both of these wonderful countries.

Jackie Sherwood

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