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At a loss for inspiration on the first day of the new blog, it dawned on me that taking a walk with Philippe and our dogs, Tiki and Lili, might help clear the brain. Delighted to report that it did.

After a chilly week of gloomy grey skies, the sun reappeared today and there's nothing more beautiful than our little pocket of the Lot on a sunny winter's morning.

Our hamlet, Les Mespoules, lies about one and half kilometres below the tiny village of St Caprais and Tiki and Lili's favourite promenade is the St Caprais Loop, which is the direction we took this morning.

Heading off

The old 'lavoir' where clothes were still washed up to the mid 1970's

And up the hill ... the village, where we empty an absent friend's letter box.

Down the hill again along the road on the other side of the village,

back past the lavoir and on to the home stretch.

Then turning back up to Les Mespoules, past our neighbor's broken tractor to ...

Home Sweet Home

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